Triathlon Podcast

When we started this show in 2007 we only had one thing in mind, we just wanted to share our passion for multisport to anyone who would listen.
The Age Grouper is a homegrown show that truly embraces the life of every-day age-groupers. We have full-time jobs, families and kids and manage to fit in some training and racing now and then just like you.

The conversation is usually what you’d expect to hear around the transition area after a race or at your local tri-shop. If you’re anything like us you love swimming, biking, and running and can’t seem to get enough of it.

Maybe you’ve exhausted everyone you know with constant chatter about body roll, Q-Factor, or pronation. Well, we promise we’ll never get sick of rotary breathing, presta valves, or forefoot striking.

The Age Grouper Podcast, available via iTunes.