Twin Lakes Trash Talk

We're back at our home race, the Twin Lakes Triathlon in Palatine, IL. It's not long before the trash talk starts to fly, but does Eric have what it takes to pull out a victory?

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Jeff and Eric with winners Dean and Jen

Jacket Sock Sock Glasses Helmet Go

The season has started in the Midwest! Eric and I travel to the 23rd annual Tower Triathlon in Niles, IL. It's a blast from the past as this was both of ours' first ever triathlon back in the day. It's The Age Grouper kickin it old school!

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Chrissie Wellington

Without a doubt Chrissie Wellington will go down in history as one of the greatest athletes our sport will ever see, and now she's on The Age Grouper! First, I sit down with Chrissie herself for a candid interview followed by an extended presentation in front of a live audience at Runner's High 'N Tri.

Giving back is an essential practice of Wellington's, here are some of the causes she supports:

The Blazeman Foundation for ALS -
The Jane Tomlinson Appeal -
GOTRIbal -

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Chrissie Wellington, 3-time Ironman World Champion, speaking at Runner’s High ‘N Tri
*Please note her bionic-super-triathlete legs and arms

There’s that ever-present smile and laugh!

Someone needs to keep that creepy dude out of the Runner’s High events.