Our Favorite Tri-Gear

If you know us at all you know that we love gear! In this episode we list all of our favorite gear with one rule: it can't be a swimsuit, goggles, a bike, or shoes. It's all the other stuff that makes Tri-gear so much fun. We also check in with "Team Unthinkables" member Jeff Wright about his fundraising efforts with the Scott Rigsby Foundation. Contact Jeff at: teamunthinkable@comcast.net or check out scottrigsbyfoundation.org


Our favorite Tri-Gear:

Swim: Pull Buoy, Flip Flops, Master's Swim Class

Bike: Clipless Pedals, Professional Bike Fitting, Cranf Bros. Power Pump, Camelbak Podium Water Bottle, Car Roof Rack

Run: Body Glide, Gore Bike Wear Gortex Jacket, Fuel Belt, Speed laces, Race Belt, A Transition Bag