olympic triathlon

Kidz N Dudez Weekend

We're back at the new Age Grouper Studios North with a special, and precious, guest host! We go over the long awaited results of Jeff's face-off at the Chase Corporate Challenge then break down training for an olympic distance event in detail. Take it from Eric, you need to have faith in your abilities! And we finish things off with some triathlon lingo.

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The kidz - Grace and Aliza. Aren’t they cute?!

The Chicago Triathlon Expo

Join us as we podcast live from the 2009 Chicago Triathlon Expo! We analyze existence as a booth jockey, make fun of the newbies, and introduce a new segment "tri-walking." We take to the expo floor to test everyday age-grouper's knowledge of our sport. Performance predictions and the excuse train make an appearance as well.

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Podcasting live!

The Newtons were flying off the racks!

The Big News

It's an episode full of big news. We announce our 2009 race schedules along with several other Age Grouper items of interest. And we break the news about our new partnership with Runner's High 'N Tri. It's The Age Grouper Triathlon and Multisport Podcast fueled by Runner's High 'N Tri.