Kidz N Dudez Weekend

We're back at the new Age Grouper Studios North with a special, and precious, guest host! We go over the long awaited results of Jeff's face-off at the Chase Corporate Challenge then break down training for an olympic distance event in detail. Take it from Eric, you need to have faith in your abilities! And we finish things off with some triathlon lingo.

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The kidz - Grace and Aliza. Aren’t they cute?!

It's Official - 230

It's been a long, albeit mild, winter but we're ready to come out of hibernation and shed some of that extra winter insulation. We report on all we've been up to over the last few months. Then, just in time for the Spring buying season, we list the essential triathlon items needed to directly improve your splits in swimming, biking and running.
It's the first show of 2012 and our 5th season on iTunes! Thanks for supporting The Age Grouper all this time, we're no where near done!

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Jeff’s Roo - Notice the lack of aero wheels.

Keeping A Happy Tri-Family

This episode offers tons of priceless insight into your "significant other's" mind about how to successfully manage marriage, kids, work, and triathlon. Don't spend another night on the couch! Jeff and Mrs. Jumpy reveal their secrets on how they mange their life, work, and training schedules while keeping a happy tri-family.

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Just Like Old Times

It's just like old times in 2011. We're back in the new Age Grouper Studios Central and better then ever. We catch up for a bit then answer some of your long overdue email. We talk training, swimmers vertigo, recovery techniques and much more. It's like we never left!

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Hangin’ at IMOO 2006

The Age Grouper Top Ten

We're back with a huge episode! We wrap up the MIST indoor triathlon series and get some quality training tips from a toddler. Then we break down The Age Grouper Top Ten Tips for Training and Racing. All this and some bad karaoke.

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Eric's Top Ten:
10. Easy days go easy, hard days go hard.
9. Train with someone faster than you.
8. Work on your weakness.
7. Know the course.
6. Noting new on race day.
5. Log it.
4. For motivation: look up old race results and photos.
3. Listen to The Age Grouper/triathlon podcasts.
2. Mix it up.
1. Have fun.

Jeff's Top Ten
10. Keep a training log
9. Always stand on the non-drive side of your bike.
8. Go harder than you think you can go.
7. Read The Triathlete's Training Bible.
6. Practice even the smallest details.
5. After your first time, train at or over distance.
4. Do core work.
3. Simulate race conditions in training.
2. Buy good gear from good places.
1. Nothing new on race day.

Eric's never do list:
3. Never have swim rage.
2. Never try to fix your own bike.
1. Never wear silk boxers to run a half-marathon.

Jeff's never do list:
3. Don't drink any alcohol the night before a race.
2. Never leave your flat repair kit at home.
1. Don't draft. Be honest with yourself and don't draft.