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Eric’s back for this all-Apple episode. First we have a look at what Siri’s priorities really are, then break down Eric’s Ironman, the Hawaii Ironman and the Chicago Triathlon. As usual we don’t hold back our thoughts about Crowie, Chrissie, Rinny and Siri.

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Crowie on his way toward his 3rd, and greatest, Ironman victory.

Chrissie on her way to her 4th.

Thanks Mac and Quintana Roo for the photos!

The Hay Is In The Barn

Guess who's back? Crowie's back. 2-time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander is back for his annual visit with The Age Grouper. Eric and I host a talk with Crowie in front of a live audience at Runner's High. We talk all about his past, present and why he thinks his best Kona performance is still in him.

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It’s the whole TAG family: Eric, Colleen, Crowie, Christine, and Jeff

Chrissie Wellington

Without a doubt Chrissie Wellington will go down in history as one of the greatest athletes our sport will ever see, and now she's on The Age Grouper! First, I sit down with Chrissie herself for a candid interview followed by an extended presentation in front of a live audience at Runner's High 'N Tri.

Giving back is an essential practice of Wellington's, here are some of the causes she supports:

The Blazeman Foundation for ALS -
The Jane Tomlinson Appeal -
GOTRIbal -

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Chrissie Wellington, 3-time Ironman World Champion, speaking at Runner’s High ‘N Tri
*Please note her bionic-super-triathlete legs and arms

There’s that ever-present smile and laugh!

Someone needs to keep that creepy dude out of the Runner’s High events.

Crowie and Carfrae - Updated

2-time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander returns to The Age Grouper! He's got another Kona title notched on his belt and is ready for a third. Plus, Kona women's run-course record holder Mirinda Carfrae joins the panel at Runner's High 'N Tri. The two Kona veterans first sit down for candid interviews followed by an extended presentation in front of a live audience. It's an Australian Ironman extravaganza!

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Crowie and Rinny at the Runner’s High event

2-Time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander with some dude

Women’s Kona run-course record holder Mirinda Carfrae and that same creepy dude

Back to the Future

For some reason we feel the need to review events from 2009 yet again and then we play television critics concerning NBC's lackluster coverage of the 2009 Ironman World Championships in Kona. After that we lay down our plans, or lack-thereof, for 2010.

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The sun rises on a brand new year

The 2008 MIST Part 1: The Bartlett Indoor Triathlon

We kick off the 2008 Midwest Indoor Triathlon Series with full coverage of the Bartlett Lifecenter Indoor Triathlon. There are plenty of excuses to go around before, during, and after the event. Plus, we discuss the 2008 Ironman World Championship from Kona Hawaii. Was Macca justified in pulling out?

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The 2008 Bartlett Lifecenter Indoor Triathlon

The King of Kona

And we're back at our favorite local tri shop - Runner's High 'N Tri. We sit down with Trudy Wakeman, race director of the Chicago Triathlon, and get a sense of what it's like managing a race of 9000 triathletes. Then we go shopping for some great winter gear and then Mark regales us with anecdotes from his trip to the IM World Championship in Kona. You won't believe where he ended up on race day, but it has to do with a Ford Edge with a clock on the roof and a little boy named Austin Alexander (yes, THAT Austin Alexander!) Sign up for the Runner's High Ride 'N Tie at

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Craig Alexander on his way to victory as he points to Mark and the gang from Runner’s High. But who’s that baby he’s holding in his arms???

Our Close Personal Friend

It's all Ironman all the time on The Age Grouper. We break down the incredible 2009 Ironman World Championships athlete by athlete. Craig Alexander, Chris MacCormak, Chris Leito, and Chrissie Wellington's strategies are all scrutinized and alalized. Plus, Eric reports on his 2009 Ironman Wisconsin finish and we get closure about The Biggest Loser's run at Kona. All this plus, do you ink?

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Crowie crossing the line to his 2nd Ironman World Championship

Chrissie taking her third straight Ironman World Championship

An Evening With Crowie

Recorded live at Runner's High 'N Tri, Craig Alexander, 2008 Ironman World Champion talks about and answers questions about his life and career in triathlon. Hosted by NBC Sport's Mike Adamle, and in front of a sold-out audience of over 300, Crowie talks about all aspects of his triathlon career, family life, and goals for the future. His take: there are no secrets, just hard work.

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Crowie and Mike Adamle take the stage

Craig’s advice, just work hard.


The 5K Showdown

It's the moment you've all been waiting for. Find out who took the crown at the 5K Showdown. But before that we journey deep in the city for a secret rendezvous and argue the Ironman Hawaii participant selection process.