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The M.I.S.T.

Did you know that The Age Grouper has been on the air for over a year now? In celebration of our big anniversary we're making a huge announcement! The Age Grouper is the official media sponsor of the 2008 Midwest Indoor Triathlon Series.

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The 2008 MIST

The 2008 MIST Part 1: The Bartlett Indoor Triathlon

We kick off the 2008 Midwest Indoor Triathlon Series with full coverage of the Bartlett Lifecenter Indoor Triathlon. There are plenty of excuses to go around before, during, and after the event. Plus, we discuss the 2008 Ironman World Championship from Kona Hawaii. Was Macca justified in pulling out?

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The 2008 Bartlett Lifecenter Indoor Triathlon

The 2008 MIST Part 2: The Schaumburg Indoor Triathlon

It's the second installment of the 2008 Midwest Indoor Triathlon Series with the Schaumburg Indoor Triathlon. The entire field raises the bar significantly by adding miles to the overall distances covered. We've learned a thing or two since the first race but how will it all pay off on the podium?
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The Age Grouper Top Ten

We're back with a huge episode! We wrap up the MIST indoor triathlon series and get some quality training tips from a toddler. Then we break down The Age Grouper Top Ten Tips for Training and Racing. All this and some bad karaoke.

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Eric's Top Ten:
10. Easy days go easy, hard days go hard.
9. Train with someone faster than you.
8. Work on your weakness.
7. Know the course.
6. Noting new on race day.
5. Log it.
4. For motivation: look up old race results and photos.
3. Listen to The Age Grouper/triathlon podcasts.
2. Mix it up.
1. Have fun.

Jeff's Top Ten
10. Keep a training log
9. Always stand on the non-drive side of your bike.
8. Go harder than you think you can go.
7. Read The Triathlete's Training Bible.
6. Practice even the smallest details.
5. After your first time, train at or over distance.
4. Do core work.
3. Simulate race conditions in training.
2. Buy good gear from good places.
1. Nothing new on race day.

Eric's never do list:
3. Never have swim rage.
2. Never try to fix your own bike.
1. Never wear silk boxers to run a half-marathon.

Jeff's never do list:
3. Don't drink any alcohol the night before a race.
2. Never leave your flat repair kit at home.
1. Don't draft. Be honest with yourself and don't draft.