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Eric’s back for this all-Apple episode. First we have a look at what Siri’s priorities really are, then break down Eric’s Ironman, the Hawaii Ironman and the Chicago Triathlon. As usual we don’t hold back our thoughts about Crowie, Chrissie, Rinny and Siri.

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Crowie on his way toward his 3rd, and greatest, Ironman victory.

Chrissie on her way to her 4th.

Thanks Mac and Quintana Roo for the photos!

Chrissie Wellington

Without a doubt Chrissie Wellington will go down in history as one of the greatest athletes our sport will ever see, and now she's on The Age Grouper! First, I sit down with Chrissie herself for a candid interview followed by an extended presentation in front of a live audience at Runner's High 'N Tri.

Giving back is an essential practice of Wellington's, here are some of the causes she supports:

The Blazeman Foundation for ALS -
The Jane Tomlinson Appeal -
GOTRIbal -

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Chrissie Wellington, 3-time Ironman World Champion, speaking at Runner’s High ‘N Tri
*Please note her bionic-super-triathlete legs and arms

There’s that ever-present smile and laugh!

Someone needs to keep that creepy dude out of the Runner’s High events.

Marathon Training 101

And Eric is finally back for this extended edition of The Age Grouper! First we play a little catch up with what we’ve been doing over the summer. Then we chat a bit about my new close personal friends Crowie, Rinny, and Chrissie; followed by contemplating the inevitable corruption of money in professional triathlon. And finally, we go in depth about an entire season’s worth of marathon training. It’s everything you need to know about successful marathon training.

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Mrs. Salty, Eric, and Mrs. Jumpy before The Chicago Marathon circa 2001

Back to the Future

For some reason we feel the need to review events from 2009 yet again and then we play television critics concerning NBC's lackluster coverage of the 2009 Ironman World Championships in Kona. After that we lay down our plans, or lack-thereof, for 2010.

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The sun rises on a brand new year

Our Close Personal Friend

It's all Ironman all the time on The Age Grouper. We break down the incredible 2009 Ironman World Championships athlete by athlete. Craig Alexander, Chris MacCormak, Chris Leito, and Chrissie Wellington's strategies are all scrutinized and alalized. Plus, Eric reports on his 2009 Ironman Wisconsin finish and we get closure about The Biggest Loser's run at Kona. All this plus, do you ink?

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Crowie crossing the line to his 2nd Ironman World Championship

Chrissie taking her third straight Ironman World Championship

Lab Rats

The 2009 season is officially underway and you better bring a sub 3 hour marathon if you want to beat Crissie Wellington. Also we cover a few topics from out Twitter followers and blow the lid off a secret project Eric has been working on for weeks now.