Junk Miles

It’s 2015 and like Marty McFly, we’re ready to strap on our self-tying barefoot-style shoes and jump on our hover-bikes for the season! Eric and Jeff recap their mileage totals for 2014, both real and commuting then sit around the campfire as Eric regales us with tales from Ironman Chattanooga 2014! All this and more on The Age Grouper!

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Eric and Colleen “kicking” it in to the finish, Ironman Chattanooga 2014.

The Next Century

It’s an old-fashioned live race report as Eric and Jeff travel to the Tri Right 101 century ride. We catch up on what’s been happening throughout the summer and what’s left for the season. Will Eric be ready for Ironman Chattanooga, we’ll see!

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Jeff, Eric and the crew at the 2014 Tri Right 101 (well, actually, 104 but who’s counting)

Epic Fail

It's the show you've been waiting for! We find out the results of the epic wager, did Eric complete the Lumberjack 100 or does he owe Jeff a steak dinner? Plus, ITU racing, a paleo update and one of us may be moving to sunny Colorado…!

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mrs ts 97
Eric back in 1997 wishing he was this fit now.

A quick selfie of Jeff on top of the Blue Sky Trail in the Devils Backbone area, Longmont Colorado.

The Antilete

It’s part 2 of 2, the all Eric show. Eric tells us all about his plans for 2014 (which should make for a quick show!) that includes Ironman and mountain biking. What? Mountain biking? Yep! There might be a friendly wager involved too.

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Eric keeping it real on top of the Menona Terrace prior to Ironman Wisconsin.

The Paleolete

We're back to wrap up 2013 with this all new mega episode! In part 1 of 2, this is the all Jeff show where he tells us all about his 2013 triathlon season, unexpected injuries, new foot ware and his new diet - the paleo diet. That's right, no more carbs for this paleolete!

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Ahh paleo...