And We’re Back...


(#289 Above) Just like everyone else, before I ever did my first triathlon in 1998 I thought the only triathlon in the world was held once a year in Hawaii. I’ve learned a lot since then and probably gotten just a bit faster as well.
I started life as a mountain biker and cut my teeth as a wrench at my local bike shop through college. Now I’m a video editor by day and full-time husband and father the rest of the time. Sometimes I don’t know how but I my wife and I manage to squeeze in some quality training here and there between toddler swim-class, family parties, and pediatric appointments.
I firmly believe that cycling cloths looks absolutely ridiculous unless you are actually riding a bike.


(New Balance T-Shirt Above) I started my tri career by taking a class, for college credit!  I couldn't swim, rode my bike for fun, and ran cross-country and track in high school.  The final exam was an actual triathlon; I was last out of the water, completed the bike, ran a few people down on the run, and I was hooked.
Seventeen tri-seasons later, and my passion for the sport has only grown.  It's something I share with my wife and the great friends we've made through training and racing, with my students as an example of a healthy, active lifestyle, and now with the world via our podcast.  Now if I could only figure out how to work my iPod.